About Maitreya, the Ascended Masters and Source

We offer the following brief description to give you a fuller understanding of these wonderful celestial energies...
Most people and cultures believe there is a prime creator from which all other energies and existence emanate. Throughout the ages there have been many names given to this mysterious prime creator energy - All That Is, Divine Mother, Divine Father, the One, the Godhead or simply God! Whatever the differences we humans may have in assigning a name to this inexplicable consciousness, generally, we all seem to believe that there is one prime creator for all existence.

From Prime Creator, there have been vast energetic projections and diversifications, creating new expanded forms of consciousness, energies and experience. Thus began the descent into lower vibrational levels of energies! Over time, this process of expansion has created layer upon layer of etherically projected energies that now lie between us and Prime Creator. Within many different cultures and religions, these layerings of energies that exist within the higher etheric realms have been given names. One of these layers of energy is called Universal Source...the source of all that we consider a part of our universe.

Our Universal Source...
This very high vibrational band consists of highly focused energies of pure thought and intention which produce "all of creation within our physical and non-physical reality."
There are twelve Divine Themes or Virtues which represent the basic vibrational patterns of experience that are played out throughout all of creation.  They are Beauty, Compassion, Courage, Imagination, Power, Purity, Curiosity, Joy, Justice, Loyalty, Love and Will.   Within each major creative projection of energies one dominant Divine Theme exists while the eleven other Themes are always present at secondary levels. The dominent theme for our Universal Source is Will.

Our Universal Source continued the creative process by projecting its energies outward to form the next layer of celestial organization just below its vibrational level. This new strata of energies was organized into twelve distinct "sections." These twelve "sections" filled our Universe with the potential for creation...with each section having its own "god-like, creative energetic qualities, capabilities and intentions" in order to generate the next level of experience. In each of these twelve "sections" of our Universe, all twelve Divine Virtues were embodied, while a dominant theme was again chosen for each. The dominent theme for our "section" of the Universe is Power.

Also, each of the twelve "sections" of our Universe is a huge region of physical "celestial territory" and our section includes our own Milky Way Galaxy and millions of other neighboring galaxies. We use the name "Maitreya" to describe the energies of our "section" of the Universe. In order to appropriately narrow the scope of this description, we will focus just on our "section"...represented by these energies of Maitreya...which also embody the dominant theme of Power.

Maitreya, the Ascension Master...
The energies of Maitreya are a divine spiritual level with a vibrational range closest to the vibrational level of Universal Source. Our current understanding of the layerings of the celestial energies suggests that Maitreya is the god-like creator of our "section" of the universe. Based on our current understanding of the layerings, the Maitreya level expands and radiates outward, at a somewhat stepped-down vibration, and creates another twelve aspects of energies that we call the Ascended Masters. Within this simplified spiritual hierarchy structure, one could say that Maitreya is the Higher Self energy of twelve Ascended Masters and that each Ascended Master represents a "zone" in our "section" of the Universe.

Also, each of the twelve "zones" within our "section" of the Universe is a still a huge region of "celestial territory." Our zone includes our own Sun and millions of other neighboring stars.  We use the name "Ascended Master Sananda" to describe the energies in our zone...embodying the dominant theme of Purity.
Maitreya, along with the Ascended Master energies, is actively supporting the global/human transformation that is taking place on Earth Gaia at this time. You could actually consider him the master architect for Gaia’s global ascension process...so, here at the Lightarian Institute, we call him the Ascension Master.

The Ascended Masters...
The energies of the Ascended Masters offer their wisdom and guidance to us in this plane of experience. They have been active and supportive of the global/human evolutionary process since the beginning of the life of Gaia. Over time, the Ascended Master energies have projected aspects of themselves to teach, guide and learn through direct experience at all levels, including the physical plane. Many of the Masters have taken on earth incarnations to stimulate and support human evolution. These powerful Beings are much greater than their earth incarnations, which reflect only a tiny fraction of their energies. Also, each Ascended Master has chosen a dominant energetic quality or theme to infuse into his/her particular range of experience. These are the twelve "Divine Virtues" described earlier.

Generally, as the Ascended Masters project their energies to us, we humans often desire to associate a name with the Being that we're experiencing or channeling. They usually cooperate with us regarding this idea of being "labeled," because they often see the "naming" process as a genuine facilitation for the channeler. Many of the wide range of "masters" that we hear about as being channeled nowadays are simply various aspects of these twelve Ascended Masters. During their interactions with us, they often reflect one of their past incarnational lifetimes, always with the intention to fulfill some particular purpose.

Based on our communications, our most appropriate "names" for the twelve Ascended Masters are listed here, along with the particular Divine Virtue that each has chosen to take on.

Ascended Masters

Divine Theme/Virtue





El Morya








Lady Mary


Lady Nada






Serapis Bey


St. Germain


Through our attunement processes, the Rays can assist you along your spiritual path by making supportive, "vibrational connections" for you directly with these celestial energies. These "connections" can create a tremendous acceleration of your spiritual processes of empowerment, clearing, healing, activation and manifestation...and via the Source Ray, can further stimulate your personal ascension process.

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