About the Lightarian Institute...

The Lightarian Institute for Global Human Transformation is a spiritually based, educational and training organization.  We offer attunements and training programs for advanced healing, the expansion of spiritual awareness and the stimulation of personal spiritual development...all to support personal and planetary transformation.  To this end, the Institute assists individuals in the five essential areas of spiritual processing (self-empowerment, clearing, healing, activation and manifestation) and supports the development of greater levels of personal awareness, unconditional love and non-judgment in their lives.

The Institute currently offers the following attunements and training programs...  

Buddhic Track:

Lightarian Reiki  I&II, III, IV, V&VI or Lightarian Ascension Bands

Ascended Master Track:

Lightarian Rays (Empowerment, Clearing, Healing, Activation, Manifestation, and Source Rays)

and six levels of Lightarian Clearings

Angel Track:

Lightarian AngelLinks (Seraph Rose Aura, Archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel)

the advanced six levels of the Lightarian Purification Rings


Beyond the Three Tracks, we offer:

Gateway Program continues the work from the Buddhic and Angel Tracks and introduces the Master ET energies and Aurora. Very advanced program and requires both the Buddhic and Angel Tracks to be fully completed.

Lightarian AngelLink Extensions and Lightarian Ray Extensions to continue expanding our abilities to engage in the multidimensional energies and group consciousness.

Gaia's Grid was launched with a test group at the end of 2021 and is formally launched in 2022!

A Lightarian Attunement is a permanent etheric "connection", linking the recipient of the work with the particular celestial energy associated with the attunement being received.  It stimulates purposeful support and can be accomplished in-person, over the phone or by telepathic techniques that we call a "remote."  A remote attunement is also called working "at a distance" or simply a "distance" session.  

We often receive questions about the Lightarian remote attunements and their effectiveness. Remote attunements are just as effective as those received in-person or by telephone. There are no limitations in transcending time and space....and the telepathic nature of our remote attunement methods is not mysterious or limiting in any way.  During the remote attunement process, the Teacher essentially works directly with the recipient's Higher Self (the individual's highest non-physical sense of Self) in order to accomplish the transfer of the "connection" with the celestial energy involved.  During a remote attunement...when a Lightarian Teacher connects in with the recipient's Higher Self energies...the process can be viewed simply as a form of telepathic communication or etheric travel. This "connecting in" is automatically handled through the web of consciousness and connectedness that exists for all of us. It is as though the Teacher knows the recipient's "etheric address" and makes a connection with him/her through the power of intention. The intention of the Teacher is an important, essential factor in this process of "connecting in" etherically with a student’s Higher Self energies.

To deliver any of the Lightarian attunements, the Lightarian Teacher follows a few simple techniques that are learned during the particular Lightarian training received for that attunement. A truly supportive, powerful, resonant energetic connection is always created for the recipient with the particular celestial energy involved...whether the attunement is delivered during an in-person session, over the telephone or via our unique remote attunement methods.

There are thousands of registered Teachers/Facilitators in 60 countries around the world, plus thousands of individuals who have received the Lightarian energies as an attunement client or as a recipient of a healing treatment. Our training materials are offered in English and 11 other languages (Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Indonesian language, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish) via our network of international Licensees.

Our work has spread by word of mouth or by those who happen to come across our website and are inspired by its message.  Almost daily, we receive messages from new visitors who have enjoyed browsing our website and from Lightarian students who express their deep appreciation for the various forms of Lightarian energy work. They report dramatic impacts in their lives. We simply offer our modalities to those who feel guided to accelerate themselves along their spiritual paths. When people find us and become interested in the Lightarian work, it is usually the result of some aspect of direct guidance, inspiration or a strong "calling" to advance their spiritual process.

With this outward expansion taking place, we feel that many thousands of individuals around the planet have been touched by the Lightarian energies and are receiving the benefits of these extraordinary connections with the Masters, Angelic Realms and Source. In this space of "etheric interconnectedness" via the Lightarian attunements, the recipients of the Lightarian attunements have become an alive, vital network of connected Beings at work in service in the Light. 

The Lightarian Institute for Global Human Transformation was established in 1997 by Jeannine Marie and Christopher Jelm.  They gifted the Lightarian Institute with their extensive background in the field of personal energetic development, especially regarding the five fundamental spiritual processes of self-empowerment, clearing, healing, activation and manifestation.

In 2006, the Lightarian Institute was transferred to Peggy Zeramby as its Managing Director and Lead Facilitator.   She has been participating with the Institute and its modalities from its inception in 1997.  In March 2011, along with Jodi Zeramby, Peggy anchored and launched the advanced program gifted to us by the Seraphims entitled the Lightarian Purification Rings™. In December 2012, the Ascension Bands were added as a result of Ascended Master Buddha insisting upon a program to work with those that were not on a Reiki path. In June of 2017, the Gateway program was introduced. To learn more about the Gateway program, visit the Gateway page. The AngelLink Extensions and Ray Extensions were added in 2019 and 2021. Gaia's Grid, the final Lightarian attunement program was launched in 2022. To learn more about Peggy Zeramby and Jodi Zeramby, please visit Our Staff page.